Makers and Shakers

Welcome to The JQ Set!

Every day between now and the festival we will be bringing you our workshop of the day. We will find out about the maker that owns it and what they have planned for Jewellery Quarter Open Studios 29/30th June.

But in first two posts we will be looking at makers who really believe that “craft builds community”, as they share their spaces and their knowledge with others.

Firstly lets take a look at The JQ Set who are huge advocates for the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Number 7 on the map the ethos of passing on skills is alive and well in this fantastic space.

Here’s why they are where they are “This vibrant area houses residents, offers some of the best food and drink establishments in Birmingham, provides a base for some amazingly creative businesses, alongside manufacturing 40% of British-made jewellery, and that’s before we’ve even mentioned the shops. So why would we be situated anywhere else!

 Being located right in the midst of the JQ is central to our values – being surrounded by skilled craftspeople hidden away at the back of the shops and up steep stairs of the beautiful brick buildings – we want to peel back the layers of secrecy and teach people what is made in this creative area of Birmingham.

We want to offer easy-access, skills-based jewellery making courses for students who want to do more in their spare time, and it’s incredibly important to us to be running these courses in an area which has such a deep-rooted history of jewellery making.”

Alongside being able to see Pippa (the owner) demonstrating during the Saturday and Sunday you will also meet Jordan Herry, Daisy Grice, Wabi Mokume and Jemma Bowers. So a real community of makers building their businesses through supporting each other.

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