Helium, Beryllium and Nitrogen and Oxygen

Or so the song goes about the periodic table which lists all the elements, but what about the ones that have been discovered since the song was written? Actually we don’t have time to dwell on this because the weekend is nearly upon us when we open or workshop and studio doors and invite you to “come see what we do”.

Makers, artists, designers and small manufacturers make up our table of participants this time, you can see them all here and to stop you walking around like a stray atom we have a downloadable map with amendments here plus if you only have time to visit a few studios you little free radical we have grouped the studios together in handy bite sized pieces check it out here

So there we are we can’t do anymore than assure you that you will receive a warm welcome at each of our studios and that we will be in our element (that’s enough now!) showing you what we do and why we remain a community of makers in the City of 1000 Trades.

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