From the earth

Run by Michele White, Artisan Alchemy Gallery seeks to combine the best in fine furniture and fine jewellery. An antidote to mass production both the furniture and jewellery use elements of the natural world to both enhance and direct.

But why would a jeweller with over thirty years experience in the trade think that furniture would be a good fit for Caroline Street? You need look no further than the Artisan Alchemy logo which is a ginko leaf, chosen by Michele because of her love of trees. There is a synergy between the natural landscape of picture agates and the wood grains in the bespoke furniture on display. An early career as a ceramics teacher also shows its influences in her work. There’s something quite interesting about using materials from the earth on display here.

Michele has played an active part in the Jewellery Quarter community over the years, being part of Centrepiece a jewellery collective formed in 1997 to create opportunities for designer makers in the Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work. A member of Royal Birmingham Society of Artists she was also president of the Society for a number of years. The collective side of her nature continues today at Artisan Alchemy in the workshop spaces and shared benches at the back of the gallery which has enabled designer makers to run their own businesses from the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. Current residents Dovile Jewellery and Elizabeth Anne Norris will be opening their workspaces during Jewellery Quarter Open Studios weekend.

Artisan Alchemy will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

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