Fine Craft Skill Share

Down a secret alley way that leads to Key Hill Cemetary you will find the workshop of B18 Leather maker of small fine leather goods with innovative surface designs. The workshop is the perfect place for you to see how different creative trades are as much at home in the Jewellery Quarter as the more traditional metal ones. Infact their own words express it perfectly.

“For me traceability is paramount – each piece I produce has a visual narrative. You will see its journey from raw cut pieces through to the finished article. Most of the designs are made in house in the Jewellery Quarter with some pieces made in Walsall, West Midlands – the heart of the leather industry in the UK. I have built relationships with manufacturers that I treasure – just like a precious gem.”

Education is at the heart of what owner Deborette is all about, in the workshop you can learn how to create leather goods on one of the many short courses that take place throughout the year. There’s nothing better than a handmade heartfelt gift and the bonus of learning a new skill along the way. Many people return again and again to improve their skills.

New this year at the workshop is Hockley Made an initiative run by Deborette which enables young people to design, create and sell Craft products. Costing your time is really important when setting up any business and for makers this can often be one of the hardest aspects so with Hockley Made Deborette is sharing the ability to run a business alongside learning and feeling pride in the products you have made.

Hear more about the story behind each aspect of B18 leathers journey and buy into it with a fantastic small leather good on 23 and 24th November

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