One ring to rule them all

Whilst many designer makers work alone in their workshops the way they were trained is quite different. The School of Jewellery has been training jewellers since 1890. Originally set up by the trade itself to create additional training it has remained on the same site in Vittoria Street since then. But if you look closely at the map you will see that this time for Jewellery Quarter Open Studio there are two sites. Yes “the school” as we know it around here is now in two buildings in the Jewellery Quarter.

The School of Jewellery is part of Birmingham City University and they have an open day in 24th November this ties in well with Jewellery Quarter Open Studios (we planned it!). On 24th at the new St Paul’s site you will be able to learn about the postgraduate offer whilst being part of their opening ceremony. Open from 11am there will be speeches at 3pm and an official opening event. It’s really an exciting time to see the school expand and to hear first hand about their ambitions for the future.

The original site in Vittoria Street with its traditional Birmingham red brick facade holds a warren of making spaces. Whether your interests lie in horology, fine jewellery or enamel there is something to view and learn. As well as taking part in the BCU open day on 24th this space will also be open on 23rd with demonstrations, workshops and the chance to see the building from the inside, it’s quite different to what you would expect!!

Many of the designer makers in the Jewellery Quarter started their career at the school so a visit to see the biggest open studio of them all is a must!

Vittoria Street open 23/24 , St Paul’s open 24th only

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