Do you Keum-boo?

Sometimes less is more, a change in texture, a change in metal can give jewellery a considered effect. The process of Keum-boo (an ancient Korean gilding technique) employed by Katherine Campbell-Legg Does just that.

Considered processes create jewellery that doesn’t shout but almost demands a closer look. Texture and different finishes create further interest. It’s interesting to watch Katherine work as the placement of gold seems to be intuitive gaining the best from the metals.

A founding member of Centrepiece Katherine has helped and supported many designer makers over the years, as well as teaching at The School of Jewellery. During the summer Open Studios event Katherine invited Artists in Residence from the School of Jewellery to exhibit in her traditional jewellery workshop, a great opportunity and very generous to those early career makers.

A great way to see a designer maker who has made a career of process and practice whilst supporting others.

A Stitch in Time

Tina Francis Tapestry

Working with stitch gives you a different perspective on time, Tina Francis measures her days in inches not hours. Using second hand wool in her stitched work Tina continues the history of those that used the wool before her.

Unable to blend colours like a painter Tina relies on resonance to bring depth to her work. Colours that maybe have no place together soon fall into line when part of a larger design.

Tapestry needlepoint kits are where Tinas heart lies, bold bright design with a touch of 1970S caravan mean that these kits look great in today’s modern homes. Over the last year Tina has been writing a book on Bargello stitching and so many of her new kits and designs use this fast growing long stitch.

Tina believes that “craft builds community” and so runs workshops to share her skill from her Jewellery Quarter studio, a beautiful space where the warmth comes from the people as within it as much as the colour that surrounds it.

Open 23/24 November entrance is on the junction between Vittoria Street and Regent Place.

Circling Architecture

JAD Jewellery

After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, Julia returned to the Midlands to set up her business in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.

Julia hand makes delicate contemporary jewellery, finished to a high quality. Taking Inspiration from the surrounding architecture Julia creates elegant forms by layering curved lines perfect for holding precious gemstones. Julia’s new collection shows varying combinations of circle clusters, set with precious gemstones to inject colour and sparkle in to the jewellery.   We really love the glow that stones give to this new collection.

Julia also offers a bespoke service, working closely with customers to create personal one-off pieces. This is often a special gift for a loved one, engagement rings and bridal jewellery.

As well as opening up her studio for Jewellery Quarter Open Studios Julia will also be exhibiting with Centrepiece at their annual winter show, this year the show takes place in The Rep whilst the Symphony Hall undergoes building work in the foyer.

New collection

Environmental Elements

Elizabeth Ann Norris Jewellery

After a 16 year career in environmental science Elizabeth Ann Norris decided to follow a passion for design and train as a jeweller. The influences of their former career can be seen in the shapes and textures found in the silver pieces that won Lux Life magazine best eco jewellery brand in 2018.

Luxury in the everyday is something that Elizabeth Ann looks to put into every piece of jewellery “My jewellery aims to bring an ‘everyday extravagance’ to the wearer.“

As well as continuing to create wearable nature inspired pieces Elizabeth Ann also runs one to one jewellery making workshops in the Jewellery Quarter. Traditional skills using traditional tools and techniques means that students Gain a well rounded experience with skills that will last a lifetime.

Visit Elizabeth Ann Jewellery in the workshop space behind Artisan Alchemy on 23 and 24 November to see and learn how multiple careers can create beautiful results

Natural Flow

The passing of time and the marks that it makes whether on wood, in a flower bud or on our faces is what informs the practice of Dovilė Jewellery. Celebrating the changes that come only with time be it in seconds, days or years means noticing details that we can often miss.

Using the dark ebony appearance of bog oak and combining this with the golden glow of amber gives each piece a natural flowing conversation. Hard versus soft, dark versus light.

In 2019 Dovilė’s work has been exhibited in China, Lithuania and here in the U.K. its fun to think of these pieces adding to their own timelines as they move around the globe.

A visit to their workshop space at the back of Artisan Alchemy will show the process behind the materials which whilst informed by them needs a skilled artisan to bring them back to life. Also on show will be the new Silver Flow collection that echoes the shapes and forms of the bog oak and somehow “holds the pose“.

Open on 23rd and 24th on Caroline Street

Forward Together

Dual Works

Dual Works are highly skilled designer makers who have over 50 years of combined expertise across a wide range of materials, techniques and processes. They enjoy the making process from the initial idea through to the production and installation of a wide variety of design projects. Their workshop bursts with colour and energy and makes every idea seem possible.

Over the last year they have continued to deliver their “Girls with Power Tools” workshops which provide skills, knowledge and yes power to the participants. It’s this skill sharing that makes working with Dual Works so exciting.

Collaborating with Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and Touch Base Pears this year Dual Works created a fantastic array of articulated pieces that enabled people to make sense of the space around them and communicate. A commission at The Memorial Arboretum sees their work as a back drop to a heartfelt exhibition. They have even found time to create a mobile hair salon! We are just scratching the surface of their output this year so do ask them about commissions whilst you are there.

With lots more on display than we can list in this short introduction, over the Jewellery Quarter Open Studios weekend you will also be able to see a collection of beautifully handcrafted products for the home, made on site in their workshop. Quality materials, bright colours and attention to detail mean that these pieces fit in any home.

True supporters of the Jewellery Quarter and its many artisans be sure to visit this workshop on Kenyon Street.

Printing the Night Away

Crafty Bun Studio

Whilst studying contemporary fine art at university Holly O’Meara fell in love with print “I love how much texture you can get from different printing techniques and the unpredictable nature of the process that you can never fully control.”

Lino, collographs and wood cuts are where Hollys heart now lies as her practice develops. Nature and animals are a constant inspiration as is the world around her. She has the ability to notice the small details that make up a place, take a look at her prints of Birmingham and Coventry to see if you can recognise them all. Being a photographer and film maker she uses these images as the starting point for her designs.

Popping up at No Peg Studio on Caroline Street Holly will be demonstrating her trade as well as having details about her upcoming courses that take place in and around the Jewellery Quarter. You can also discuss commissions with her pet portraits being a firm favourite.

23rd November only

Sentimental Journey

Charlotte Lowe

Charlotte Lowe’s collections of handmade jewellery celebrate today’s special moments with the memories that will always matter. Inspired by the joys brought to us through the simple moments in life, Charlotte’s uniquely styled silhouette designs depict precious memories shared with family and friends to evoke sentimental feelings from within.

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year a new collection called “Moments like this” brings a collection of precious moments under beautiful blue skies.

The beauty of the process used by Charlotte means that you can commission your own favourite moments to be captured from photo image to jewellery. A real way to carry those you hold dear around with you always.

So a big congratulations to Charlotte Lowe who will be opening her studio for the first time With us on 23/24 November 11-16. Take a visit and create your own special memory.

Fine Craft Skill Share

Down a secret alley way that leads to Key Hill Cemetary you will find the workshop of B18 Leather maker of small fine leather goods with innovative surface designs. The workshop is the perfect place for you to see how different creative trades are as much at home in the Jewellery Quarter as the more traditional metal ones. Infact their own words express it perfectly.

“For me traceability is paramount – each piece I produce has a visual narrative. You will see its journey from raw cut pieces through to the finished article. Most of the designs are made in house in the Jewellery Quarter with some pieces made in Walsall, West Midlands – the heart of the leather industry in the UK. I have built relationships with manufacturers that I treasure – just like a precious gem.”

Education is at the heart of what owner Deborette is all about, in the workshop you can learn how to create leather goods on one of the many short courses that take place throughout the year. There’s nothing better than a handmade heartfelt gift and the bonus of learning a new skill along the way. Many people return again and again to improve their skills.

New this year at the workshop is Hockley Made an initiative run by Deborette which enables young people to design, create and sell Craft products. Costing your time is really important when setting up any business and for makers this can often be one of the hardest aspects so with Hockley Made Deborette is sharing the ability to run a business alongside learning and feeling pride in the products you have made.

Hear more about the story behind each aspect of B18 leathers journey and buy into it with a fantastic small leather good on 23 and 24th November

From the earth

Run by Michele White, Artisan Alchemy Gallery seeks to combine the best in fine furniture and fine jewellery. An antidote to mass production both the furniture and jewellery use elements of the natural world to both enhance and direct.

But why would a jeweller with over thirty years experience in the trade think that furniture would be a good fit for Caroline Street? You need look no further than the Artisan Alchemy logo which is a ginko leaf, chosen by Michele because of her love of trees. There is a synergy between the natural landscape of picture agates and the wood grains in the bespoke furniture on display. An early career as a ceramics teacher also shows its influences in her work. There’s something quite interesting about using materials from the earth on display here.

Michele has played an active part in the Jewellery Quarter community over the years, being part of Centrepiece a jewellery collective formed in 1997 to create opportunities for designer makers in the Jewellery Quarter to showcase their work. A member of Royal Birmingham Society of Artists she was also president of the Society for a number of years. The collective side of her nature continues today at Artisan Alchemy in the workshop spaces and shared benches at the back of the gallery which has enabled designer makers to run their own businesses from the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. Current residents Dovile Jewellery and Elizabeth Anne Norris will be opening their workspaces during Jewellery Quarter Open Studios weekend.

Artisan Alchemy will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

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